10 Top Reasons to Wear a Condom

Although there are plenty of queries about the reasoning behind wearing a condom prior to and during the taking of pleasure from sexual intercourse, the most popular among these queries is why should they be worn at all?

For anyone who is not long out of diapers, the condom represents a contraceptive that stops semen from fertilizing the egg in a ladies womb after intercourse.

Basically, there are a couple of types of condoms: Condoms for men and condoms for women.

So, if you’re among the objectors to condom use, you may (or may not) be interested in reading through 10 top reasons for donning your contraceptive just before partaking in a night of pleasure with your partner.

#1 Condoms are particularly effective at eradicating any possibility of becoming infected through sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

STDs are among the most commonplace diseases that both sexes suffer from. Frequently, STDs are transmitted during unprotected sex. If this is not enough reason to convince you, HIV is also most commonly transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. Still a non-believer?

#2 Protects against unwanted pregnancy

If you’re not quite ready to be a parent just yet, utilizing a condom during sexual relations is a wise precaution to take. Condoms carry nothing short of a 98 percent success rate in terms of protecting against unwanted pregnancies.

#3 Easily purchased at pharmacies, convenience stores, even at groceries, and online

It’s hardly a reason to use condoms but at the same time, there’s certainly no reason for not wearing them given that they are so readily accessible. Condoms are easily affordable to even the most penny-pinching among us. You can even purchase a non-branded condom, since, in the U.S., all condoms are governed by the FDA, so they are perfectly safe to use.

#4 Condoms have less side effects than other formats of birth control

In comparison to birth control pills, and to spermicidal sprays and solutions, you’ll find that condoms possess lesser side effects. The only ones that are recognized are those that impact the skin. If you do find that you or your partner are allergic to condoms, opt for the non-latex (polyurethane or polyisoprene) ones instead as the latex used in the manufacture of some condoms has been known to cause skin irritation for some couples. It’s hardly a major issue, but it can be the cause of frustration.

#5 No prescriptions or medications required

For those who choose to wear condoms, there is absolutely no necessity to invest in any form of medication to avoid pregnancy. On the other hand, if your partner were to use the Pill, she must endure this female contraceptive on a regular frequency and over a specific timeframe. Condoms are used as and when necessary and then discarded.

#6 Increases a sense of responsibility

Knowledge about the use of condoms does not necessitate to a promiscuous sex life. Quite on the contrary, scientific proof would have it that condoms serve to promote sexual knowledge and this knowledge does not promulgate sexual activity among youngsters.

#7 Boost your sexual pleasure with a condom

Not all sexual partners would agree to this, but then, not all sexual partners have experimented quite enough with different varieties of condoms. With respect to the thinner condom, which do not tend to dissipate male pleasure, opt for the polyurethane types. And where the lady is concerned, she may enjoy the flavored condoms or indeed the nobly ones that help to further stimulate her pleasures.

#8 Practice is not a prerequisite

Utilizing condoms does not necessitate practice sessions whereby you enjoy sex with an alternative partner each and every time in the process of learning “how it’s done.” Simply follow the instructions if you’re not entirely sure how to get it right. And don’t be tempted to unroll the condom before wearing it. All this does is to increase the air content within the condom.

#9 No impact to the ladies’ menstrual schedule or cycle

Quite unlike the contraceptive pill, ladies’ menstrual cycles are never impacted when using a condom.

#10 Prevention of cervical cancer in women

Scientific studies have demonstrated that when the ladies’ partner wears a condom during intercourse, there’s a definitive reduction in the risk of HPV – otherwise known as human papillomavirus, which is a virus that is responsible for causing cervical cancer.

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