What Type Of 20 Minute Workout Routine You Should Follow To Remove Body Fat?

Losing body fat could be one of the stingiest tasks to do.

That is the reason why people inquire and frequently ask questions about what type of 20 minute workout routines they can start doing to remove that body fat that they really do not need.

If you are also someone who wants to remove excess fat on their body, continue to read on to find out what kind of 20 minute exercise you can start doing and maintain to be on your way to your goal.

The question

What type of 20 minute workout routine should I follow to remove body fat?

Although exercising PERIOD, is a great way to remove excess weight, one workout routine you can beginning and maintain to get faster results is definitely RUNNING.
Running can provide people with many advantages such as:

Does not require you to spend money

When people run, they do not have to go out and buy pricey gym equipment to begin. A gym membership is not even required especially for those who enjoy running outdoors. For those who are on a budget, running can be an excellent workout. Running can be done indoors if you have a treadmill, but if you want to get some fresh air and spend no money at all, try running around your neighborhood, park, open track and bike trail.

Getting in 20 minutes of running is better than nothing

One thing people might have a misconception about is, if they are busy, they take off exercising off from their daily schedule. See the thing is, getting in at least 20 minutes of running three to four times a day is better than getting in no cardiovascular exercise at all. If you have a short time, let us say only 20 minutes to get workouts in because of your hectic lifestyle, then try running a faster pace so that your heart will pump more blood and more effectively.

Remember, exercise, any shape, form or length, is better than no exercise at all.


It is one thing to run a marathon every 6 months and it is another thing to maintain a consistent running schedule all throughout your week. Some people may think that getting in a long and tough run once a week or once every couple weeks is good. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that will not do much for your body, especially if you want to lose body fat. You have to remember to remain consistent to your running schedule. That means running at least 20 minutes, three or four times a week. The more days of running, the better.

Since it takes 21 days to create a habit, for the first couple months it might be tough to convince yourself to start running. But break barriers and go on with it because your body will surely reward you for your hard work. Next thing you know, running will be a part of your daily routine and you will feel the need to do it every single day.

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