March 2011

Understanding Stem Cells

Stem cell research is a growing field that is constantly coming up with new discoveries and a fair bit of new questions. Stem cell products have the potential to change the face of science and human medicine, making disease and suffering a thing of the past. Let’s take a closer look at stem cells. What […] Read more

Teeth Whitening: A Home or Away Game?

It’s no secret that the latest beauty trend is bright white teeth that can light up an entire room when you smile. The industry that has sprung up around this new desire for ultra-white teeth is as divers as the people looking for a brighter smile. At-home whitening kits which take several days to be […] Read more

Understanding Early Menopause

As you all know, menopause is a complete natural state that starts around late forties in most of the women. However, due to some factors, it can be also witnessed bye few at early stage (in the thirties). Let us understand the nature, causes, symptoms of early menopause and the steps you should take. According […] Read more

How to Become a Certified Pharmacy Technician

A certified pharmacy technician is one who has passed the certification test that has been recognized by their state of employment. What is a certified pharmacy technician and how do I become one?   A pharmacy technician’s role in its simplest terms can be defined as someone who aids the pharmacist in providing medication to […] Read more