April 2012

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of both the diet and nutrition in conjunction with athletic performance. Sports nutrition regards both the type and the quantity of fluid and food digested by an athlete. Sports nutrition tends to deal with nutrients in the shape of vitamins and minerals as well as supplements, which come […] Read more

Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the most severe problems which today’s generation people are facing. Around 40% of the total world’s population is suffering from obesity and out of this, 45% are the children below 18 years of age. If we go in very simple terms, weight of a person increases when he/she takes more […] Read more

Planning A Healthy Life For Your New Child

Health concerns are always placed at the forefront of the pregnancy and birth process. If you’re pregnant and expecting a baby, you’ve probably been told what to eat and what to avoid. You’ve made regular doctor’s visits and have monitored the health of your developing fetus closely. In short, you’ve done everything possible to insure […] Read more

7 Tips to End Your Sedentary Lifestyle without Compromising Work

You work hard for a living, but can you say the same for your body? Do you work hard enough for yourself? Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Are you hidden behind baggy clothes that cover the fat figure of yourself? You spent all these years working so hard and making […] Read more