August 2012

Facelifts: Common Myths Debunked

Facelifts are common procedures today, with many more people considering the benefits of such a surgery. However, misconceptions about facelift surgery are still widespread. These are a few of the most common myths about facelifts, along with the reality of each situation. # 1: Facelifts are just for women/models/celebrities. Many people assume that facelifts are […] Read more

Shining a Spotlight on Men’s Health

Summer is a time when a lot of people find themselves consumed with counting calories and dropping pounds in order to feel confident, healthy — and achieve the perfect beach bod. But what about the other nine months of the year? Maintaining your health is something to be cognizant of every day of the year, […] Read more

Valuable Online Courses for Nursing Students

Nursing is one very popular discipline for which you can find free online classes. Some of the classes might directly relate to a nursing course you’re taking, whereas others might have lessons that could be useful later down the line in a different aspect of the vocation. There are supplemental online learning materials for all […] Read more

Getting Over Fear of the Dentist

Fear is normal; after all it only means that you are human. It has even been said that fear is a form of defense. Being scared of that appointment with your dentist is therefore normal. However, it is important of you to get over fear of seeing the dentist for you to be able to […] Read more