September 2012

How to Stop Bedwetting

At age 5, approximately 20% of children still have regular bedwetting episodes. The spontaneous remission rate for bedwetting is 15% each year, meaning that if your child wets the bed there’s an 85% chance they’ll still be wetting the bed a year from now. Causes of Bedwetting Many factors can cause nighttime wetting or enuresis. […] Read more

Early Rehabilitation for Hearing Loss has Better Outcome

Hearing is a particularly important human sense. It makes effective communication possible in work, home and recreational settings. Therefore, the loss of hearing can greatly affect how a person lives, works and plays. As many as 17 percent of American adults will experience some level of hearing loss at some point in their lives, making […] Read more

A Guide to Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a very real threat for men everywhere and something they should be on the lookout for. It can prove to be an embarrassing subject though, given the prostate’s location within the male body. Men should attempt to overcome this embarrassment though and educate themselves about the cancer. After all, taking the time […] Read more

Online Continuing Education Credits for Pharmacists

The life of a pharmacist is a fast-paced one. In fact, with staffing cut backs in hospitals and pharmacies across the country, a pharmacist’s life is busier than ever. Trying to balance a hectic work schedule and family increasingly makes compliance with important continuing education requirements difficult even though they remain essential to the role […] Read more