August 2013

What Are The Topics Covered In A CNA Training Program?

A Certified Nursing Assistant is an important job in any area of health care. With modern nurses having so many duties, it is almost necessary for them to have an assistant in doing a lot of the duties that they may not have the time for. These are duties such as: bathing a patient, helping […] Read more

How To Clean Your Teeth: An Idiot’s Guide

Brushing your teeth is very important; your mother should have told you that. If you lack the cognitive functions to comprehend this, or perhaps have been living feral since a young child, then I shall tell you how and why brushing your teeth is important and help you becoming a fully integrated fresh-breathed member of society. […] Read more

Is an IUD Right For You?

Contraceptives have been in use for over 3500 years, with the earliest documented accounts of birth control being reported in ancient Egypt. However, we  have come a long way since honey, acacia leaves and lint were placed in the vagina to block the travel of sperm. Undoubtedly the biggest breakthrough in female contraception came in […] Read more

Earn Online Healthcare Certification from Health Education Solutions

Getting a healthcare certification in fact proves your commitment and passion to your healthcare profession, your patients and clients. Besides that, it improves your knowledge and can help you in developing yourself to be a competent and educated employee in healthcare field. Healthcare certification is also a kind of valuable add-on for persons who are […] Read more