December 2014

Problem with Addiction: Accept Help & Find the Answers

When You’ve Lost Complete Control You were an accomplished individual, sitting on top of the world. Doors of opportunity opened everywhere you went. You had a rewarding career, a wonderful family, and enjoyed exciting pastimes. That was before you met the biggest enemy of your life, your addiction. You thought you could quit at any […] Read more

Easy Remedies For Your Seasonal Cold

It’s that time of year again. When you get on the bus in the morning, there is bound to be at least three people with red noses and puffy eyes. If you haven’t had it already, you are next in line. Cold season is horrible for everyone. When you have a cold or a form […] Read more

Anti-Acne Skin Care to Treat & Prevent Pimples

The very first thing we notice when meeting someone is, of course the face. The most distinctive mark, something we are in general, recognized, and we must take good care about our face, and in general, skin overall. One of the most common causes of stress among teenagers is acne, a condition caused by bacteria, […] Read more

How To Take Care of Your Knees

The human knee is supported by four ligaments; the anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, lateral collateral and medial collateral. These can all be sprained or even ruptured. It’s a painful and often debilitating injury, which can lead to swelling, tenderness and bruising.   If you are worried about your knees, help is never far away, and […] Read more