January 2016

Things To Avoid After Eating A Meal

A few years ago awareness was not a common thing. What harmed us and what was good for us were oblivious things and so people continued to harm themselves in ways they didn’t even consider. However as science evolves and technology keeps on growing we are fortunate enough to discover numerous things every day that […] Read more

How to Choose the Right Fitness Trainer?

When you take a decision to invest in a fitness trainer, you are actually taking a decision that could change your life. It could however, be a challenging task to identify the right fitness trainer. However, if you are sure about taking the plunge, go ahead. Remember that there are some exceptional fitness trainers out […] Read more

Are You in Need of Life Insurance?

One of the key concepts of life insurance is that it can pay any dependents you have a cash lump sum or regular payouts upon your death. It has been designed as a way of providing you with a level of reassurance that those who are dependent on you are looked after should you no […] Read more

Tips on How to Take Care of your Skin Type

The importance of knowing your skin type cannot be underscored enough. When you know of your skin type, you are in a better position of taking better care of it. Ayurveda philosophy takes the knowledge of skin types a notch higher. It categorizes skin based on its characteristics and not just on how dry or […] Read more