3 Weight Loss Fallacies Exposed

There are so many out of shape people all over the world looking for answers. Many have preconceived notions that there should be at least one product or service that can assist them fully in getting the body they desire.

The reason they believe this is because they are uneducated on the matter and although it is wishful thinking, it isn’t realistic. Here I’d like to present three weight loss fallacies on Daily Healthcare, and clear up any misunderstood ideas or beliefs pertaining to them.

Belly Fat

Probably the most researched and talked about weight loss subcategory on the internet today. Many folks, men and women alike develop belly fat in the early stages of adulthood and have absolutely no idea how to get rid of it (even those that think they do). Targeting an area of the body and toning it is simple with physical conditioning and consistent training. Losing fat in a particular area is more complicated.

In simpleton terms it goes like this. You can lose belly fat the same way you lose any other area of fat on the body. This is first by having a very well planned and thought out diet that one is willing to dedicate themselves too. Doing hundreds of crunches will burn calories as it is exercise, but will not affect the fat itself. You’ll build more muscle under the fat than anything else. So losing the fat is more directly related to predominantly ones diet versus the exercise in this particular case.


Many get confused by metabolism and its actual functioning with myself included. We all have are very own unique metabolic rate and structure which helps balance our bodies systems and functioning so that we can run at optimum efficiency. After all, no one has the exact same body, not even twins. A big myth here is can we change it? The answer is no. Your metabolism is controlled by hormones in the brain which is all a part of your neural network.

Diet pills for example can temporarily affect it, but nothing permanent. Drugs like these can be dangerous where they can seriously damage digestive tracks or other organs so why risk it to begin with?

Excepting what operating system your body runs on and adjusting your lifestyle too it accordingly is the key in feeling and looking the way you want.

Quality Versus Quantity

Many diet plans suggest several wild theories today. A lot of these theories are not really based in reality as they are of course mostly just presented and worded to sell. A big one that stands to me (I will not mention any names) stated that you can eat whatever you want while losing weight. This is a deceptive proposition so allow me to briefly explain. If you’re going to be eating complete junk food all day and expect to lose weight, let me help you with a thought. Junk food like fatty greasy sugary food contains exponentially more calories and saturated fats than healthy whole foods.

So this means you’d realistically have to eat exponentially less. Meaning, you’d be starving all day because you ate such nutritionally poor food containing extremely high fat levels. So, the actual amount of food itself would equate to hardly anything. Alternatively, you can eat as much healthy food as you like without having to worry about anything!

So this eat whatever your heart desires diet plan is a fallacy that only gives false hopes to the uneducated.  Stop thinking so much in terms of how much you’re eating. From now on, think about “what” you’re eating. Remember, healthy dieting is about the quality of the foods your eating first, then quantity can come second.

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