4 Reasons You’re Constantly Tired

How many times have you heard someone yawn and say they’re so tired? I’m willing to bet you hear it every day, no matter what the time is.

For some reason, everyone seems to be in a constant state of tiredness. Why is this? What’s the cause for constant tiredness? Carry on reading, and you’ll soon find out!

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

The number one reason you’re always tired is because you’re not getting enough sleep! It’s not rocket science, our body needs sleep to help us recharge and feel refreshed the next day. It’s suggested that you need at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. Quality being the key word here.

If you’re waking up a lot during the night, then you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. Regardless of whether there’s an eight-hour difference between the time you fell asleep and when you woke up. If you don’t get a good enough sleep, you’ll be tired the next day. For tips on getting a nice deep sleep, look for websites like https://sleepfoundation.org.

You’re Exercising Too Much

This may seem a little bit weird, but too much exercise can be a bad thing. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t exercise at all, that would be bad too! The key is finding the right balance, so your health can improve instead of suffering. Typically, an hour or so three to five times a week is more than enough.

Some people, usually bodybuilders and hardcore gym rats, over train massively. They spend hours in the gym every day of the week. This will only make you tired and you’ll be walking around exhausted all the time.

You’ve Got Adrenal Fatigue

Many people think fatigue and tiredness are the same things, but they’re not. Fatigue is a medical condition, whereas tiredness is a feeling we get. And, there are many different types of fatigue out there. Adrenal fatigue is the most common, and, as seen here www.drlam.com, it can cause tiredness.

If you’re tired between 3 and 5 pm, then adrenal fatigue may be the reason behind this. It’s an issue that affects many adults, and I advise you to see your doctor if you think you have it. They can help cure this issue, and your tiredness should fade away!

You’ve Got Anemia

Anemia is when your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen throughout your body, which helps give you energy. If you’re deficient, then you’re bound to end up tired. Normally, most anemic people have a lack of iron in their body, which causes their low red blood cell count.

It’s well worth seeing a doctor if you feel tired all the time, so you can have a blood test. If you’re found to be anemic then you should be prescribed iron tablets to help boost that red blood cell count up.

If you’re tired throughout the day then there’s a big chance it’s down to one of these reasons. Try and deal with each of these problems, and you should feel more energised and wide awake!

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