8 Tips For Smooth, Soft & Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to improve their skin tone. Everyone wants soft, supple, rejuvenated skin. And this article has been written to help you achieve just that.

Here are eight natural tips for soft, smooth, glowing skin.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Doctors preach it, dermatologists preach it, because it’s true and it is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Observe a plant before and after watering, and relate those changes to your skin. You must drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. If you can’t stand the blandness of water, try making unsweetened herbal tea instead and if you must sweeten it, use honey. Honey is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and helps promote restful sleep.

2. Eat a balanced and varied diet.

Make sure your diet is rich in antioxidants, which reduce cancer causing free radicals. Try to eat foods that contain essential fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel and herring. If you are a vegetarian many health food stores supply vegan sourced Omega 3-6-9 supplements, or you can purchase them online. Vitamin B complex is also beneficial to your skin and helps maintain stress levels while balancing the central nervous system.

3. Sweat once a day to regenerate your skin.

When you wash your face, you are cleaning it from the outside. When you sweat, you are cleaning it from the inside! Regular exercise also reduces stress, and helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Can’t make it to the gym? Try filling a large bowl with boiling water and your favorite essential oil. Drape a towel around your head and the bowl and breathe the steam while it penetrates your pores dissolving oil, dirt and helping dead skin cells shed.

4. Get more SLEEP!

Getting a solid 6 hours of sleep every night will do wonders for your skin. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine after lunch. Instead if you are hit with the 3oclock “blahs”, try eating an apple or drinking apple juice. Research suggests that apple juice releases acetylcholine in the brain, which results in increased memory, and apples contain those lovely antioxidants!

5. Apply Shea Butter to your skin.

There are an abundance of benefits of Shea Butter – none more so than for the skin. When applied directly to the skin it helps to reverse the signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizing the appearance of age spots. Aside from this, it also helps to prevent acne breakouts by feeding your skin with healthy oils.

6. Cleanse your skin twice daily using a gentle, non-irritating cleanser and try not to scrub or tug at your skin.

This unnecessarily stretches the skin, which over time reduces its elasticity. When exfoliating once a week, do not use excessive force! Pretend you are exfoliating a newborn baby and let the product you are using do the work, there’s no need to be violent with your skin.

7. Never forget the toner.

Using a toner helps close your pores after cleansing, and balances the PH levels of your skin. A great toner at a moderate price is Marcell for combination skin. Alternatively you can make your own toner using ingredients such as witch hazel, which reduces inflammation, controls blemishes, shrinks bags under the eyes and serves as a natural astringent. Adding essential oils such as tea tree oil can further help reduce blemishes and is naturally antimicrobial. You can make a mixture in a spray bottle and spray a fine mist over your face after cleansing.

8. Protect and moisturize!

Everybody loves a healthy sun kissed glow, but trust that this will still happen even while wearing sun block. Using the plant analogy again, a plant will die without sunlight, as would we… but it will also burn, shrivel and die with too much, as would we. Use a minimum SPF 15 sun block on your face even in the winter. There are numerous moisturizers that contain sun protection. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected from the elements is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin supple, soft, age spot free and youthful.

Bonus Tip

Do some research into some of the best essential oils for skin and how you can use them for their youth enhancing, beauty enhancing and healing properties. You’ll be amazed just what they can do.

There we have eight tips (and a bonus one) to help you achieve soft, supple and glowing skin. Thanks for reading and I now invite you to share your own skin care tips by leaving a comment below.

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