A&D Ointment: Not Just for Babies Anymore

A&D Ointment has become a popular choice among moms especially to prevent diaper rashes for their babies.

However now more adults & parents start to realize that this ointment is also suitable for them.

So – the most important question is – How A&D Ointment can help you and your baby?

  • Wipes off your baby’s skin easily
  • Treats and forestalls diaper rash
  • Protects chafed skin or minor skin irritation due to diaper rash
  • Temporarily protects minor cuts, burns and sunburn
  • Prevents chafed, chapped, cracked, or windburned skin and lips

One tip: You can try this ointment to heal your feet. Apply A&D Ointment all over your feet to the ankle during bedtime. Put your socks on and do this as a routine.

You might see this product not suitable for you the first time you see it. But who knows? Just try and feel it.

A&D Ointment is not only a great product for daily use to prevent diaper rash for babies in diapers but for your daily use too!

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