It’s Not All Fun and Games: Apps for Your Health

Well, maybe it is? Technology is the one fundamentally thing that surrounds us every minute of every day, and companies are finding ways to incorporate technology into our lifestyle.

Apps aren’t just for throwing rocks at angry birds or playing scrabble—now you can use the apps on your very own phone to help regulate an exercise schedule, a healthier diet, and even get you connected with doctors themselves. By mixing technology and health into one, it’s more accessible and easier for those out there that have the excuse of “I just don’t have time”—sorry, now you need a different excuse.

So what health app is right for you, and your lifestyle? Luckily, there are current apps that help you pick the one the best suits you and your daily routine. By choosing the right app for you, you can better your health, your mental attitude, and your outlook on technology in general.

Physical Exercise

  • Zombies, Run!: The new craze of zombies mixes with the runner within you! Follow this action packed story told to you straight through your headphones. It gets you up and running—but you won’t even notice you’re working out.
  • Teemo: This app doesn’t require a gym or equipment, making it easier for you to incorporate it into your life. This health app incorporates your friends and family by inviting them to compete against you in different cardio activities. This app places you in areas like, the jungle, a mountain, or a desert.
  • Sportaneous: This health app keeps you involved in the community. It shows you current classes being offered around your area: yoga, kickboxing, cycling, etc. Whenever you’re feeling like a workout, this app will connect you to what’s happening closest to you!
  • GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer: Most people want a personal trainer to keep them moving and motivated, as well as informing them on the information they don’t know—well, this app provides that for you!

Tracking Fitness

  • Moves: This app incorporates your daily movement, and records the amount of miles you walk in a day. This would be interesting to see, and improve your daily amount of movement.
  • Everest: We all need a little push and motivation sometimes; and this app does that! Connect with other people on the same goal path as you, share and post pictures and your tracking’s, and see how you’re improving with your overall health.
  • Strava: With this health app, it allows easy access to track your bike rides, or your running. It also provides new trails to check out around your area!

Food and Diet

  • Fooducate: This app helps you while grocery shopping, and educates you on the food you’d like to purchase and maybe a couple of alternatives to think about. You can scan the barcode of the food you’d like to purchase instantly, and it tells you the “healthy” information provided from it.
  • Thryve: This acts as calorie counter for those trying to stick to a diet. It helps with tracking meals, and the importance of your mental health and attitude with the diet you’re sticking with.

System Tracker

Hate going to the doctor because you don’t want to pay for something silly like: “get more rest”, but you need advice on how to better care for yourself? Here are the apps to help you connect to medical doctors:

  • HealthTap: This connects you to doctors, and forums with questions and answers that cover a wide variety of health questions. Log your symptoms, and receive advice on how to treat them.
  • Pill Identifier: This app helps show you the dosage amount of medications, and helps you distinguish pills without their labeling.

These are only a handful of fun and innovative apps that help you incorporate health and fitness into your daily life. These apps help you look forward to your workout and in the end will leave you as a healthier and happier person. Who says you can’t mix technology with exercise?

Photo credit to CalorieLab.

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