Alana Jones

Fun Hair Accessories That Add Life to Even Ordinary Hairstyles

Thin, damaged hair happens to the best of us, making us want to hide in our homes and never go out—at least for the day. However, there are ways we can make the problem disappear and not have to cancel our plans. For starters, we can use a few fun hair accessories to get back […] Read more

Simple Practices Through-Out the Day That Helps To Lose Weight

Some of us may find it difficult to keep a check on our weight. Others may have their weight in control but find it strenuous to take it down to where they would like it to be. Losing weight seems to be an issue with most people these days. If you are also facing such […] Read more

10 Things You Need to Know about Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet

Dr. Oz, of Oprah fame, has come out with his new Ultimate Diet that is supposed to help people lose two inches in two weeks. The first thing to do is to be careful about buying into trendy diets. It takes a lot of personal work to see results, especially to see fast results. But […] Read more