Nadia Johnson

Driving Hazards for Fall

Winter in Michigan is filled with driving hazards caused by snow, ice, and potholes. But autumn presents its own unique perils which drivers must be cautious of to avoid car accidents. While daylight saving time is already in effect, there is a good chance your internal clock is still getting adjusted. Likewise, the changing weather […] Read more

Playing Ball with a Concussion? Recovery Time Is Doubled

Suffering a concussion is no small matter. Unfortunately, many high school athletes have an attitude of toughing it out through the stars and the pain after being struck. This choice could be disastrous. New research shows that those who keep on playing right after suffering a concussion instead of immediately leaving the game take almost […] Read more

Can We Really Turn Back Time On The Aging Process?

There seem to be so many products and methods out there being touted as the best way to stop aging in its track or even reverse it! But do these have any scientific basis or is it all just hokum? Read on to find out. Antioxidants Firstly, if you concerned with aging and the health […] Read more

The Reason You Need to Stop Stressing About Your Health

Getting stressed out about your health isn’t going to help you! In fact the stress could be just what you don’t need! The best thing to do is to look after your health as best you can and get on with enjoying your life. Follow the tips below to help you care for your own […] Read more