Nadia Johnson

Alcohol Addiction: How Much Is Too Much?

Most of us enjoy a drink at the weekend or a glass of wine with dinner at the end of a busy day. Drinking in moderation won’t do you any harm. But what happens when you start drinking more? And how do you know if you’ve become dependent on alcohol? How much is too much? […] Read More →

Brilliant Tips That Will Help You Cut Down On Alcohol

Anyone that wants to take control of their health and well-being needs to cut down on harmful substances. For most people, that means cutting down on alcohol. Although not everyone smokes, most people do enjoy a drink. And, if you believe the government’s recommendations, they enjoy it too much. Deciding to cut down on your […] Read More →

How To Recover From A Sports Injury

Part and parcel of playing sports includes getting injuries from time to time. Even with the best prevention techniques in the world, you can’t always prevent injuries from occurring. When they do occur, however, you need to take extra care to ensure you heal up properly. If you don’t, you could be on the shelf […] Read More →

How To Take Control Of Your Health & Well-Being

We all say we want to live a healthy life, but do we really mean it? Yes, the idea of living to an old age with no illnesses to worry about is a nice one, but it requires a lot of hard work along the way. Doing the bare minimum and failing to put in […] Read More →