Edralyn Chan

What Do You Know About Evidence Based Medicine?

Unless you are a medical professional, you may not have heard of evidence based medicine. In layman’s terms, evidence based medicine is that which combines knowledge gleaned from in-clinic practice and external evidence in order to best treat an individual patient. Combining evidence gathered from a variety of scientific sources allows doctors to determine whether […] Read more

The Healthcare Administrative Process in a Nutshell

It is no secret that healthcare costs are on the rise. One of the significant factors attributed to the rise in healthcare costs is the increase in administrative spending in healthcare facilities. Healthcare organizations are dynamic and complex, and they need equally flexible and responsive administration to oversee the flow of information and services to […] Read more

Thinking of Going Under the Knife? 5 Popular Procedures

Plastic, or cosmetic, surgery is more popular than ever today. Over eight million people have had some kind of procedure performed, from surgeries to minimally invasive procedures. Though there are dozens of types of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, some are more popular than others. Here are five of the most common plastic surgeries performed […] Read more