Erick Smith

Understanding Stem Cells

Stem cell research is a growing field that is constantly coming up with new discoveries and a fair bit of new questions. Stem cell products have the potential to change the face of science and human medicine, making disease and suffering a thing of the past. Let’s take a closer look at stem cells. What […] Read more

Cold Laser Fat Removal Surgery

Those who have struggled with weight concerns have usually tried numerous methods to slim down, often with less than satisfactory results. In certain cases, more than the traditional methods of diet and exercise may be required. Thankfully, new methods have developed in recent years that are allowing patients to reduce body fat without all of […] Read more

Treatment for Low Vision

Even though treatments for low vision are getting more and more common, it is still nerve-racking to sign up for a procedure on an area as sensitive as your eyes. If you are thinking about seeking treatment for low vision you want to be sure the doctor to whom you are entrusting your sight knows the […] Read more

Medical Treatment with Laser Equipment

The laser is an important invention in the field of medicine, with many applications, both complex and simple.  Most people are familiar with the use of lasers only in eye care, tattoo removal, and hair removal. However, lasers are integral to many other medical procedures, such as cancer identification and removal. Thanks to recent advances in laser […] Read more