Kelly Brook

Rehabilitation of Ankle & Foot Injuries in Athletes

Doing different physical activities can have a great effect on our physical shape and mental condition. They do not have to be done every day or conducted in an especially intensive way. Any kind of recreation is beneficial for your body. However, if you fail to warm up properly or neglect your body, you could […] Read more

Lowering the Risk and Severity of Scarring after Surgery

The fact that scars are a part of natural healing process of the body after a surgery, can best be seen in the fact that most of the procedures that one may go through, except some lesser ones, usually result in scars. Although scars are completely natural, and in some cases also completely harmless phenomenon […] Read more

How To Care For Your Skin After Tattoo Removal

There are many reasons why someone would want their tattoo removed. People usually get them when they are young and when time goes by some of them do not seem pleasant anymore. Maybe you’ve grown out of them, or you want to get a job which disapproves of body art, or maybe you just don’t […] Read more

Anti-Acne Skin Care to Treat & Prevent Pimples

The very first thing we notice when meeting someone is, of course the face. The most distinctive mark, something we are in general, recognized, and we must take good care about our face, and in general, skin overall. One of the most common causes of stress among teenagers is acne, a condition caused by bacteria, […] Read more