Nasrul Hanis

How Smiles By Hillside Can Help You in Dental Care

Healthy teeth and gums, and a mouth free from disease are necessary things that you have to consider in your daily dental care. In fact most people expect a high quality dental services at a reasonable value – although this is not applicable for all dental services. With so many dental care services out there […] Read more

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle During Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming again and yes – this is the time that you are waiting for! In fact most people enjoy their holiday season by relieving all kind of pressures including attending parties, hosting guests or traveling in long distance and hours. Believe it or not, these kind of activities have their negative […] Read more

5 Useful Medicinal Plants At Your Home

There is an interesting trend nowadays where more people are looking ways on how to make their home compound more interesting, healthy and functional. One of the great ways is by growing medicinal plants at your home where this is very helpful if you have kids who accidentally got fever, burn, swollen or bruises. You […] Read more

Stay Fit During Ramadhan

And now – here we are – again in Ramadhan. Recently I received a few questions on how to stay fit when fasting during Ramadhan and obviously this is one the important matters that we should consider through this fasting month. This is because during Ramadhan we have to practice our normal routine except for […] Read more