3 Ergonomics Tips For Workplace Injury Prevention

Medico legal consultants have emphasized how important it is to have proper workplace ergonomics to avoid injuries. Even though the idea of sitting in a chair in front of a computer all day doesn’t exactly bring injuries to mind, there are in fact many people who suffer because of bad workplace ergonomics. Here are some […] Read more

Pregnancy: Your Rights at Work

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but if you have worked tirelessly to secure your place of employment in your organization and set yourself on a steady career path, it is not just a time of toys and nurseries, it may also be a difficult and confusing time. What will happen to your job? Can you […] Read more

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss happens to a big proportion of the population—that’s why hair transplant has become such a popular surgery. While most men are at ease with balding, especially when they get older, for younger people hair loss might seem like an awful disease and can sap self-confidence. Unless your hair loss is genetic (which cannot […] Read more

Palomar Products Buying Guide

Specialized in IPL machines, Palomar. products are varied and versatile. But do you know which one of them will fit your clinic’s and your patients’ needs? Here’s  simple, no-nonsense buying guide to make your choice easier. HAIR REMOVAL IPL-based hair removal has gained in popularity lately, and Palomar is at the forefront of the IPL […] Read more