Blog Carnival (December 8, 2010)

Welcome to the December 8, 2010 edition of Daily Healthcare Blog Carnival.

Beth Blair presents Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles posted at The Vacation Gals – Family travel, girlfriend getaways, romantic getaways, destinations, things to do, travel tips, saying, “EarPoopers are a great way to relieve ear pressure (and the pain associated with it) during air travel.”

Roberto presents 10 Best Careers in the HIV/AIDS Battle posted at Master Degree

Leslie Yoelson presents Top 50 Blogs About Alzheimer?s posted at Masters in Healthcare Administration, saying, “Begin your search for information with this list of the top 50 blogs about Alzheimer’s, which focuses on blogs written by children and spouses of sufferers, as well as blogs written for families and caregivers by attorneys, healthcare administrators and other caregivers.”

Aparna presents Burning incense and candles bad for health? posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, “Burning incense and candles for long has been a part of religious ceremonies and rituals in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and other major religions of the world. The pleasant aroma emanating from the smoldering incense sticks might send you into a state of ecstasy and trigger the spiritual mood in you but did you know that it causes the release of some harmful pollutants that is hazardous to your health?”

Edna Goldberg presents 20 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Neonatal Nursing posted at Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs, saying, “If you’re considering the neonatal nursing field, it is important that you understand exactly what it entails from both an educational and from an emotional standpoint. These videos can help with this.”

Amer Kaissi presents Garlic And Hypertension posted at Healthcare Hacks.

Karen Eisenbraun presents The “Other Carotene” Offers Health Benefits As Well posted at Healthy Theory.

Carole Gold presents SPF: Making Suffering, Pain and Fear Work for You posted at Carole Gold, saying, “What about making pain and suffering work FOR instead of against you?”

Rachel Szala presents Healthcare Reform: How it will DRASTICALLY help women across the US posted at Conquering the World While Wearing Stilettos, saying, “How the new health care reform bill benefits women”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Are Health Studies Making Us Sick? posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

DNA presents He Wants A Paternity Test Even Before I am Pregnant? posted at DNA Testing Blog, saying, “Paternity DNA testing has come a long way and can be highly useful in determining the father. This testing has also become very affordable making it more highly sought after by those looking for answers or scientific approval that they are the father.”

Joanaa Tiger presents 50 Inspiring Personal Trainers On Twitter posted at Masters in Health Care.

Arthur Canfield presents Prostate Supplements posted at All Natural Supplements, saying, “Treatment for prostatitis depends on what kind you have. The causes of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, the most common type, aren’t well known. Doctors mostly recommend pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs, and warm baths until the inflammation settles down. Chronic or acute bacterial prostatitis is treated with antibiotics.BPH treatment usually depends on how severe it is. Men with very minor symptoms might only make lifestyle changes, such as cutting down on alcohol or caffeine. For more severe cases, medicines may be prescribed, including alpha blockers, which relax the prostate and allow urine flow, and alpha-reductase inhibitors, which halt the prostate’s growth and may shrink it. Some men may have to stay on these for life. If it blocks urine flow, surgery may be necessary to remove excess prostate tissue. Prostate Supplements is another plan of action.”

mrs laughton presents 15 Enlightening YouTube Videos with Weird Facts About the Human Body posted at ekg technician schools, saying, “YouTube is such a wealth of information. In fact, you can find out pretty much anything you want to know by going there, especially when it comes to health.”

Peter Stockwell presents What is the Best Way to Burn Fat Fast? posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog, saying, “It is not too difficult to burn fat fast. Just be careful.”

Linda@NHE presents Best Natural Candida Infection Treatment posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, “Candida infection can minimize your quality of life. Find out what it is and how to stop it.”

TheFitnessWorkout presents Tuning up posted at The Fitness Workout.

Unbalanced Passions presents A New Cancer Treatment posted at Unbalanced Passions, saying, “There is a new cancer treatment coming out all the time. I still have reservations about some treatments because it seems like the cure is worse than the disease. CoQ10 treatment can work for some and has no effect on other.”

Heather Sanders presents Top 50 Diabetes Blogs posted at Nurse Practitioner Education, saying, “Diabetes has become an epidemic, and the number of blogs about diabetes is growing. Patients with Type I and II diabetes, parents of children with diabetes, diabetes support groups and group blogs fill the following list of the top 50 diabetes blogs.”

Leslie Yoelson presents Top 50 eBooks for Nurses posted at LVN to RN, saying, “Technology is making it increasingly easy to carry references around with us. Nurses are likely to find that they can use mobile devices and ereaders to keep up with the latest techniques and health news, as well as study and increase their knowledge.”

Ferrari Dude presents Everything You Need to Know About Psychiatric Nursing posted at Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs, saying, “Psychiatric nurses, also often called psychiatric mental health nurses, work in psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric divisions of regular hospitals. This article discusses everything there is to know about them.Today, many nurses work in specialized fields.One of these is psychiatric nursing, the topic of this article.”

Randy Powell presents LOW-SUGAR WALNUT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES posted at High Alkaline Foods Diet.

Marie Lucy presents Different Kinds of Cocoa Beans posted at Chocolate Diet.

George Pryor presents 20 Health Policy Experts Worth Following on Twitter posted at Masters in Health Policy, saying, “Keeping up with today’s health policy issues is no easy matter. But, if your job requires you to stay in touch, or if you just want to keep up with the goings on in the world of health policy, Twitter is a great tool. Here are 20 health and health policy Twitter accounts you should be following.”

Tony Bennett presents Top 50 Blogs About Stem Cell Research posted at Masters in Health Administration, saying, “Medical professionals, such as health administrators, doctors and nurse practitioners can stay on top of the news through lists such as our top 50 blogs about stem cell research. Here you’ll find the best in news, articles, peer commentary and even a peek into the future.”

Randall Davidson presents 79 Ways to Relieve Stress posted at Transcription Blog, saying, “A comprehensive guide of 79 ways to relieve stress. The list covers everything from exercise to meditation.”

Jenny Stowe presents 50 Great Blogs for Fibromyalgia Support posted at Masters in Health Care, saying, “When seeking comfort and information on healthily coping with the harsh reality, make an effort to stop by these resources.”

Charles Chua C K presents Add Happiness to What You do Every Day posted at All About Living with Life.

Kathleen LaBeouf presents 17 Hospital Administrators Worth Following on Twitter posted at Masters in Health Administration, saying, “Today’s hospitals are busy places, and there’s lots of great information coming out of them. Fortunately, you can get this information by following them on Twitter.”

Tom Bills presents Alzheimers Disease | 5 Educational Videos posted at Elder Care | Mother In Law Suites, saying, “Five short educational videos on Alzheimer’s disease, designed to help you learn more about what Alzheimers really is and in so doing reduce the stigma, improve care, and help the fight against this deadly disease.”

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