Brain Foods: How the Right Diet Helps Your Pass Your Exams

If your tummy can complain and growl out of hunger, your brain cells can die out of nutrients’ starvation too. What you eat affects what you think. What you think and what you remember can be an indicator of your exam answering ability.

Kids, teens and even adult college students dread exams. And when exams are coming near, tendency is, students cram. But then sometimes even if they are well prepared mentally, their body physically won’t hold it. This is where the nutrition comes in.

Right Exam Preparation

Each person, as study has found out, has different ways of learning and understanding but all in all, there are same foolproof way to pass an exam quietly if not ace it.
Here are some preparatory things you may find helpful.

  1. Begin studying, have a schedule first made.
  2. Read through and understand what you are reading.
  3. Try some study techniques such as mnemonics or grouping.
  4. Use the internet to supplement gaps in your study.
  5. Avoid internet for a not-study-related surfing.
  6. Develop a routine in studying, start from the major ones and go into specifics or the other way around.
  7. Before the exam, set the alarm.
  8. And during the studying time you had, eat the right brain foods.

Food for the Brain

Now, talking about brain foods, many would advice you that you have to snack smartly and intelligently. It was true, and you should heed it.

Exams aren’t just strength draining, but brain busting as well. And most of the time, a brain exhaustion is even more tiring than a physical weariness.

So the next goal before the exam? Stuff your brain with the right food to keep it strong and unwaving while you hurdle long questions and confusing choices in your exam.

First thing first, when exams are looming, avoid sugar. Meaning, reduce the consumption of high fructose diet. A high fructose meal will later on sabotage your learning and memory. So imagine that question you knew but can’t decipher, that’s too much sugar working. Some good brain foods are the following:

  • Grains and nuts
  • Berries
  • Seeds
  • Bananas
  • Green tea
  • Cocoas

On the other hand, scientists and researchers have suggested a component which could boost learning and memory—something that is very helpful for exam takers. Omega-3, DHA are now the ‘it’ names in the field.

DHA, Omega 3—Brain Food

Omega-3 and DHA are often taken in by kids for brain development. It can be present in their milk formulas. For adults however, it can be provided by several sources. But supplements are most common resource for it.

Other sources though of the abovementioned components are as follows:

  1. Calamari
  2. Krill
  3. Salmon
  4. Soy
  5. Walnuts
  6. Tuna or Fish oil

But if these are inaccessible, oil supplements are found in drugstores. But of course to be safe, a doctor recommended brand can be chosen.

Once you have these supplements daily, long term benefits can be gained. So it isn’t for your exams alone, it can be for life. Studies showed that DHA, omega-3 can help you think clearly even at an old age.

Ace Your Tests

In recent research, students who have been taking omega-3 supplements have found improvement in their performances. And it can be in your grasp as well.

But of course, there should be the right diet too. Never just take supplements they won’t suffice. Your overall health still matters.

Now, because of these tips, your only choice now is to ace your exams, no excuses!

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