Can We Actually Turn Back Time On The Process Of Aging?

Maybe it sounds crazy, but it is possible to turn back time on our aging process. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can cut out years from your chronological age, but in the biological sense, you can be 10 or even more years younger than you really are.

It’s achievable if you change your lifestyle – it’s what makes us older than we should be. So, a few serious steps and a lot of commitment can really revitalize your body, making you look and feel younger.

1. Improve your metabolism

The speed and effectiveness of your metabolism is the result of many factors, including your lung capacity and your blood pressure. This means that, in order to improve your metabolism, you need to do physical exercises. One of the most effective types of training is HIIT (high-intensity interval training) where you switch between intense exercises and short periods of rest. This high-intense approach improves your lung capacity and reduces high blood pressure, but also burns fat.

Even if HIIT doesn’t suit your fitness and preference, the point is to be physically active at least three times a week. It will still help your body stay young and healthy.

2. Quit smoking

There aren’t a lot of things that can be said here that you haven’t heard so far, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Smoking is bad for your overall health and there’s that. It’s not easy at all, but if you really want to help your body revitalize, this is one of the first things to be done with.

3. Get rid of the excessive weight

Obesity is a huge problem when it comes to our longevity. It can decrease your lifespan up to 10 years or more. Excessive weight damages our heart, blood vessels, it disrupts the natural processes of our body and it makes you feel much older than you really are.

4. Nurture your skin

Your skin is the mirror of your inner state, so if you’re not satisfied with the condition of your skin, it’s probably because you are doing something wrong. In order to look younger, you also need to pay special attention to your skin and its needs. There will certainly be issues with your face and skin that only a high-quality plastic surgery clinic can remove successfully, but you make sure to do everything else that you can to keep your skin young. Using skin products that are appropriate for your skin type and making sure it’s always hydrated are the two things to have always in mind.

5. Fight the stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives; you can’t go through life without feeling stressed out from time to time. The catch is in the amount of everyday stress and the way you deal with it. People who feel stressed out most of the day but don’t have a proper outlet for their negative feelings and don’t decompress are destined to be far older than their real age. Chronic stress that isn’t dealt with properly slowly damages your health and lead to slow deterioration of your nervous system and heart. The toxic type of stress is the one that keeps your cortisol levels constantly high, not allowing your body and mind to relax.

So, your next step should be to find an effective method of decompressing and relieving the stress. For many people, simple walking, dancing or doing yoga is a sure way to reduce the level of stress in their lives. If you feel up for something even more effective, try meditation. there are numerous forms of mediation – some of them can be done in your bed, some while sitting and some can even be effective in a couple of minutes if you do it properly.

6. Omega-3 fatty acids

These acids are frequently forgotten by people when they are trying to maintain a healthy diet. And yet, they are one of the most important nutrients for your body if you want to keep a clear mind and stay fit for as long as possible. More precisely, there has been a clear connection established between the lack of omega-3 fatty acids and increased risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases related to cognitive decline. Omega-3 fatty acids can indirectly prolong your life, as they reduce inflammatory processes in your body, which lead to various chronic diseases. In case you don’t take a sufficient amount of this acid on daily basis, consider taking omega-3 supplements.

Final comment

Old age doesn’t have to come sooner than it will. Our lifestyle will determine how fast our bodies will grow old, and the fact is that most of us are doing so many things that speed up this process. Take control of your aging process right now and turn back the time.

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