Can We Really Turn Back Time On The Aging Process?

There seem to be so many products and methods out there being touted as the best way to stop aging in its track or even reverse it!

But do these have any scientific basis or is it all just hokum?

Read on to find out.


Firstly, if you concerned with aging and the health issues associated then you are probably aware of antioxidants. You may not know, however, what exacts these are and how they work. Antioxidants are nutrients that can protect against and even repair cellular damage. Cellular damage happens when the cells process oxygen in our blood stream. However, they also produce free radicals. Which can, in turn, damage the cells. Antioxidants catch these free radicals and stop them from harming our cells. Therefore they slow the degeneration process we see with aging.

So we just take a load of these and then we’ll live forever right? Well, it’s not as simple as that. Antioxidants can be taken in supplement form and ingested through raw foods. Taking a supplement is a good choice because it allows you to keep track of the amount of antioxidant that is getting into your system. However, there can be issues with supplements.

Remember that you body is a complex intertwined system and altering one thing can effect some stuff that we don’t always predict. For example, some people that took polyphenol supplements found that they suffered from voting and diarrhea. This was because of the emodin that came from some of the ingredients. Luckily they have now brought out Resveratrol, which does not contain emodin, so is very safe to take.


Another way that it is possible to turn back time on the aging process is mentally. Remember the adage ‘you’re only as old as your feel’. Which points to the fact that our mental state and beliefs about aging can have a lot to do with our success.

Also, studies have shown that despite the belief that we stop learning as we get older, we retain neuroplasticity throughout our lives. In essence, this means that the brain  is capable of creating new pathways, so we can indeed ‘teach an old dog new tricks.’ Therefore it is entirely possible to learn new stuff and experience new things no matter what age you are.


Lastly, many people are concerned with the physical signs of aging on their skin and looks.

To turn back the clock here, there is a range of anti-aging products available. The first is a firming skin cream, which will help to rehydrate your skin and tighten the facial muscles. These are issues older skin often suffers with. Others use a foundation with a higher pigment ratio to mask dark spots. Or creams with radiance boosting particles. This help reflect the light from the skin, giving a youthful, glowing effect.

A more extreme solution is to go under the knife. You could choose a facelift, where the skin is medically smoothed out through surgery or the less invasive a face peel. Where new fresh skin is revealed by the application of a chemical face mask.

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