Ways of Restoring the Youth to Your Eyes

The natural process of aging is something none of us can get away from. As we grow older, we experience everything that comes along with it, including wrinkles and droopy skin, which is particularly a concern for women. The first signs of aging appear around the eyes. However, it is not necessarily just aging that […] Read More →

Reading in Dim Light Can Affect Your Eyesight?

If you were ever caught reading in low light-weight, or using a torchlight under your blanket to read when lights-out, your parents would possibly well have warned you that reading in dim or less light will strain your eyes and would injure your eyesight. Perhaps you used to listen that it’s easier to spot kids […] Read More →

How Can Defective Circle Lenses Damage Your Eyes Permanently

A lot of people are walking with heavy spectacles resting on their noses. Some resort to contact lenses so that they can enjoy the imperial view properly and easily. Doctors suggest using contact lenses can be damaging in the long run, whereas there is another school of thought that believes contacts are better than spectacles, […] Read More →

Contact Lens & Its Uses

In today’s generation we are faced with great technological advances. Most of the people today are greatly attached with gadgets and electronic devices in their daily lives causing a great risk of having incorrect vision. Aside from the gadgets that are being used everyday people can acquire incorrect vision through their genes. As a result, […] Read More →