Alzheimer’s Disease: Here Is What You Need To Know

When it comes to the lengthening of human lifespan, one of the major challenges today is Alzheimer’s disorder also known as AD.   Today, the cost that the healthcare industry faces is astronomical and most people facing personal medical costs are staggering under the financial burden. The Inner Workings of Alzheimer’s One cannot discount contributions […] Read More →

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that leads to a gradual loss of muscle control. Parkinson’s disease mostly affects older people; however in some rarer cases it can also affect younger adults. Parkinson’s disease usually begins between the age of 50 and 65. Men are more at risk compared to women. What causes Parkinson’s disease? […] Read More →

Asbestosis Victims: Getting Help

Asbestosis is a kind of inflammatory lung disease which caused by prolonged exposure and inhalation of asbestos particles. These fibers become lodged within the lungs and then within the mesothelium, a membrane in the body that supports and protects your lungs and abdomen. Asbestosis and other asbestos-related lung diseases are claiming more lives each week […] Read More →

Rehabilitation of Ankle & Foot Injuries in Athletes

Doing different physical activities can have a great effect on our physical shape and mental condition. They do not have to be done every day or conducted in an especially intensive way. Any kind of recreation is beneficial for your body. However, if you fail to warm up properly or neglect your body, you could […] Read More →