Curing Autism with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Autism spectrum is a brain disorder that becomes evident within the first three years of life. According to the statistics, there is one autistic child among every 166 children. The degree of inherent inability to communicate with other people, can determine the stage of autism in the individual. A spectral disease, no two patients suffer […] Read More →

Social Workers Aren’t Just for Children

When many people think of social workers, they think of the people who help children who are stuck in bad family situations. What many people don’t stop to consider is that social workers do this and so much more. To help you better understand the various hats that social workers wear, here are five ways […] Read More →

The Signs of Sleep Deprivation in Children

When a person suffers from sleep disorder he finds it difficult to have relaxed and sound sleep like others do. They do not get enough sleep and get up often during sleep. The continuation of such condition is sleep disorder and it’s not just restricted to the adults but even small children can be the […] Read More →

Planning A Healthy Life For Your New Child

Health concerns are always placed at the forefront of the pregnancy and birth process. If you’re pregnant and expecting a baby, you’ve probably been told what to eat and what to avoid. You’ve made regular doctor’s visits and have monitored the health of your developing fetus closely. In short, you’ve done everything possible to insure […] Read More →