Complex Partial Seizures

I became shocked a few days ago when I got informed of the news through Facebook that one of my ex-classmate had been diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures. I and my friends talked about this and we felt weird as she had never shown any symptoms before.

I want to know more about this information thus decided to read about it. Let’s see what Complex Partial Seizures is all about.

The term ‘complex partial seizure’ was originally defined by the International League Alliance on Epilepsy (ILAE) in 1981. A seizure is an abnormal, unregulated electrical discharge that occurs within the brain’s cortical gray matter and interrupts normal brain function. It is also defined as a sudden alteration of behavior due to a temporary change in the electrical functioning of the brain, in particular the outside rim of the brain – called the cortex. It typically causes abnormal sensations, altered awareness and focal involuntary movements. In fact about 2% of adults have a seizure at some time during their life while two thirds of these people never have another one.

The seizures usually last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. After the period, the person may be tired or confused for about 15 minutes and some of them may not be fully normal for hours. My friend told her experience through her ‘wall post’ that usually she will stuck about 5-8 minutes anywhere anytime and needs time to recover after that.

Some people can have seizures of this kind without realizing that anything has happened. Because the seizure can wipe out memories of events just before or after it, memory lapses can be a problem. When an individual is aware of the beginning of the seizure, it may be thought as a warning or ‘aura’. Sometimes an individual may not be aware of the beginning and therefore have no warning or signs of the seizure.

The middle of the seizure may take several different forms where for people who feel the warnings, the aura may simply continue or it may turn into a complex partial seizure or a convulsion while for those who do not feel any warning, the seizure may continue as a complex partial seizure or it may evolve into a convulsion.

The end to this seizure is the transition from the seizure state back to the individual’s normal state where this period is referred as the ‘post-ictal period’, signifies the recovery period for the brain. It might last from seconds to minutes to hours, depending on several factors including which part of the brain that were affected by the seizure or any medication/treatment.

My friend that I had mentioned before will go for operation of the lower part of her brain. Let’s hope that she will recover soon. And one thing that I know after reading information related to this matter is – epilepsy is not necessarily inherited.

I found a lot of videos showing how seizures happen and one of them shows the example of absence seizure happened to a girl. You might want to take a look on the video below.

Besides, there is a channel for The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education on YouTube dedicating on spreading the message about epilepsy to the public. Let’s take a look to understand more.

If you have any additional information or experience about Complex Partial Seizures or any information related to it, you are welcomed to share your words through the comment section below.

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  • I really feel sorry for this gentleman. Surely this is a great shock to him and his family. The only good is that a lot of information can be found online.

  • The information given by your article on complex partial seizure is very informative . One of my friend had the same problem and his family feared of epilepsy but the symptoms were not exactly as epilepsy but like the one you have mentioned here so my friend’s case is also a complex partial seizure . This information is very appreciable.

  • Frankly speaking that I have read about this Complex Partial Seizures for the first time.I really like that you have given complete information about it.I have also watched those videos about it.It is also quite strange to know about your friend’s experience.

  • You’ know I’ve never seen those absence seizures before; if I had noticed that behaviour in a kid it would not have crossed my mind that they were having a seizure. I would have just thought they had a poor attention span or were messing around so this article has been very enlightening.

  • Sorry to hear that your ex-classmate is having seizures.

  • Partial seizures may spread to other parts of the brain too.

  • Im a visual person and the videos helped out a lot. Thanks

  • Thank you for posting this. My 15 year old niece just had her first seizure. Our family is quite worried and I’m investigating. Thanks!

  • The Complex Partial Seizures is preceded by an aura.

  • well one of my family members has the seizures and he used to get it whenever he ignores or forgets to take medication

  • Thanks for the post. The presence of seizure is common to epilepsy patients. The patient need to have a companion to assist him/her if in case the seizure will take place. Hopefully, after long years of study, someone will discover a cure to epilepsy.

  • Before changing careers I worked for over 10 years working with people who suffered all types of seizures, its very sad but thank god with good care and medication you can tend to help these people live a more normal life.

  • Havent been familiar with complex partial seizures before but from what you have described above, it certainly is something to worry about.

    When it comes to health problems, it makes me sad that sometimes we cant do anything about it.

    Kind regards from Daniel.

  • Naturally, this is something that is of great concern to everyone. Seek your doctors advice on this as well as education about this affliction.

  • 🙁 i’m very sorry for your friend. hope she’ll recover soon:(

  • The Complex Partial Seizures is preceded by an aura.

  • I was also not familiar about the complex partial seizures it’s really a serious health problem. Thanks for giving such a valuable information.

  • Hey..your article & video is very important. thank you for sharing .I learned a lot of things form it.

  • Complex partial seizures present with a variety of different symptom complexes.

  • Such a nice and wonderful posting. Infact now i know new type of disease. Thanks for posting.

  • Seizures are nearly always serious issue. I hope your friend will recover and do well. Best of luck.

  • Martin Bell

    if your friend needs cheering up. Check a video on Youtube called “Face it you have Epilepsy. Done by the Neurons in Canada. We all have Epilepsy and decide one way to get the message out is with humour and song.

  • Since I want to use some of this, I wont copy it. I will just link back to the Post. Sound ok ?

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