Different Types of Exercise You Can Do When You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

In case you are not yet aware, there are exercises that work best for women who are trying to get pregnant and these are called the prenatal exercises.

However, not all types of exercise are good for everyone. The best exercise for you will be determined according to your fitness level before getting pregnant.

Serious athletes like marathon runners or ironman competitor must lower or reduce the interval of their training to make sure they are having a regular ovulation. On the other hand, stopping on exercises and sports that can cause abdominal trauma like skiing, basketball, horseback riding, gymnastics and soccer is also recommended.

If you are looking for ways on how to get pregnant faster, below are some of the safe exercises you can do.


Walking is a great way to give your body a low impact aerobic exercise or workout. This is the best exercise if you are trying to get pregnant but are unfit, overweight, or simply just want to lower your weight by shedding some pounds. Doing this exercise requires you nothing but only your pair of shoes. Some of those who are doing the walking exercise seriously are using walking poles to support their upper body workout. The moment you get pregnant, you can still continue doing your walking exercise but with the consent of your health care provider.


Cycling or biking is another low-impact aerobic exercise that can help your get pregnant fast. It can also help your reduce weight or maintain a healthy weight. In addition, cycling can also help you improve blood circulation, increase endurance and helps you achieved a toned muscles. Your cholesterol levels and risk of type 2 diabetes are also reduced when biking. All types of indoor and outdoor cycling activities are good and safe for women in preconception stage. However, if you are into biking for miles or into risky type of tracks, it would be best if you will lower down your cycling workout.


Majority of fitness professionals as well as health care providers lists swimming on top of safe pre conception workouts for women. Swimming exercises like jogging in the pool, group water aerobics and swimming laps are non-impact kind of exercise or workout thus, are safe for women in pre-conception stage. In addition, it helps develop your cardiovascular and muscular strength as well as increase your endurance level. This kind of pre-conception exercise is safe to continue during pregnancy, provided you are in a problem-free pregnancy. Your water buoyancy will help lessen your aches related to pregnancy including lower back pain that normally occurs on your second and third trimesters.


Pilates is another great pre-conception exercise for women. This mind and body workout will simultaneously strengthens your muscles as it stretches at the same time. This will help you stabilize your abdominal muscles, which will help you on delivery and post partum recovery. Having this kind of exercise don in two to three times a week will replace your strength gained from traditional workouts.


Like Pilates, Yoga is another mind and body exercise. Doing this kind of pre-conception exercise will help your increase your muscular flexibility and increase your endurance. The deep breathing technique used in this exercise will help promote an increased circulation and will help you reduce stress. Thus, it will be easier for you to relax. When doing the Yoga for the purpose of getting pregnant, it is strongly advised that you should avoid hot rooms or Bikram yoga to avoid risk to the fetus.

Resistance Training

This another great exercise even during pregnancy. It will help build strong bones and muscles, which are essential for pregnant women. Exercises under resistance training include squats, pushups, lunges, planks, and dips. You can also do these exercises incorporating tools like dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands to increase resistance.

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