The Easy Way To Keep Your Teeth Dazzling White And Healthy

Everyone wants bright, white teeth. It is one of the qualities we covet in others. Not only do white teeth look dazzling, it also means you keep a healthy mouth!

Your mouth is the main entrance point for bacteria and germs. Keeping a good dental health routine can actually keep your entire body healthy.

It is in a good habit to get into. Your teeth and your mouth are vitally important, don’t neglect them!

In this post, we’ll help you avoid the wrong foods and drinks. We’ll run through the basics of oral hygiene and bust some myths that you might be following. Finally, we’ll look at some of nature’s best dental hygiene products. Where better to look than the natural earth itself?

The ‘wrong’ foods

You’ll remember from dentist visits when you were young that sweets are bad! The dentist building is full of posters warning of the sugar in chocolates and candy. With good reason too. These foods contain sugars that slowly erode the teeth and cause decay. Try to limit them where possible. When it comes to white teeth, the biggest obstacles are staining drinks. Things like coffee, dark tea and red wine are the biggest culprits. Smoking will also have a similar effect.

Good dental hygiene

Where possible, it’s best to brush after every meal. Particularly if that meal was high in sugars or staining drinks. That’s not always practical, but brushing twice a day is essential. Try to floss once a day too. It reaches those parts that brushing simply can’t get to. If you want truly white teeth, then avoid teeth whitening tooth paste. Yes, avoid it. Stick to regular toothpaste designed to fight plaque and limit tooth decay. These will keep teeth healthier and stronger. White teeth is a natural bi-product of this. Using teeth whitening toothpaste is advisable once a week just to polish and shine. Don’t rely on it for your full hygiene.

Visit the dentist

This one is obvious, yet we all forget to go, or put it off. The truth is, you don’t always need to go every six months. That’s a bit of a myth. In fact, your dentist should let you know when you next need to come in. Many go two years between dentist visits. For larger problems, you might want to consider The New Tooth dental implants East Sussex.

Nature’s toothpaste

There are certain foods out there that are good for your teeth. The best known of these is apples. The acidity quickly kills bacteria and they have a natural whitening function. Just don’t eat too many – their high sugar content can cause tooth decay. Other good teeth cleaning foods are raw carrots, celery and popcorn. For the ultimate mouthwash, try apple cider vinegar. The combination destroys bacteria and freshens your breath.

There you have it. A quick guide to white and healthy teeth. The trick is getting into a good dental routine and sticking to it. Reduce the consumption of staining products like teas and coffees. At the very least, brush immediately after (or get stuck into an apple!). Finally, visit the dentist regularly.

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