Getting Rid of Acne – Do It Yourself

Skin is the largest organ for our body and the common problem regarding to the skin is acne. It is a fact that most or even all of us have to face this problem. The difference is whether the acne becomes worst or not. Acne often being associated with teens but in fact it happen to people at any ages. Today we can see a lot of acne treatment offered by various parties including doctors and cosmetic companies. Some of these treatments valued at hundreds or even thousands dollars. Some people might consider trying to get rid of acne through the treatment because of the effectiveness regardless of amount of money that they have to spend.

Getting rid of acne through treatment or cosmetic products might consume a lot of money so the best way is by getting rid of acne by yourself. Let’s see how to get rid of acne by yourself without expensive treatment or products.

Don’t Pinch Out The Pimples With Your Fingers
Most people love to pinch out the pimples using their fingers and it becomes habit for some of us. Believe me, this is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind if you’re really want to get rid of acne. Your fingers contains oils and bacterias so the moment you pinch the pimples, the oils and bacterias will infect your skin (you will not realize it) and sometimes produces fluids that will result in creating more pimples.

Eat More Vegetables & Fresh Fruits
Taking nutritious meals is something that you cannot ignore in getting rid of acne. Make sure to include vegetables in your daily meals followed by the fresh fruits. You can make fresh fruits as the side dishes or frequent meals while watching TV or reading books. Vegetables & fresh fruits provide you with nutrition and ingredients that helps to make your skin healthier thus helping you in getting rid of the acne.

Take Enough Water
Dehydrated skin might lead to further acne so it’s important for you to take enough water every day. Drink plenty water daily and make sure you take enough showers at least three times per day. Let your skin wet so you can avoid dehydration and further acne to happen.

Reduce Stress & Get Enough Sleep
In fact, stress is one of the factors for the production of acne, especially beyond puberty. Reducing stress helps you to reduce the production of hormone that leads to the production of acne. Get more relax and get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will help you to reduce oil elements on your skin. The other way to reduce stress is by doing exercise or watching the environment to help you relax and calm yourself.

Get Enough Sunshine & Fresh Air
Believe it or not, our skin need enough sunshine & fresh air. Sunshine provides Vitamin D for our skin but don’t expose your skin too long or there is potential for skin cancer. Fresh air is also essential in getting enough oxygen through our skin so talk a walk outside about 10-15 minutes in the morning.

Basically it is not an easy thing to fully get rid of the acne but if you do all the things that had been mentioned consistently and avoid any factors related to the production of acne and pores, you will find that you could get rid of acne naturally or at least reducing it without using treatment or any products that consumes a lot of your money.

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