Give Your Loved Ones a Lasting Gift by Pre-Planning Your Funeral

One of the most thoughtful things you can do for your loved ones is to pre-plan one’s funeral. In the event of your death, the cost and arrangement of your funeral will be covered, alleviating unnecessary stress that your death will place on your family.

Emotions play a major role when planning a funeral after a loved one passes away.

Sentiments can overshadow rationality, making a funeral an impossible task for the family you leave behind. When you pre-plan your funeral, you can minimize the emotional and mental stress that your loved ones experience after the event of your death.

Pre-planning a funeral through a final needs plan offers many advantages that posthumous planning cannot provide.  A final needs plan will connect you with an account executor that has a comprehensive understanding of funerals. Your executor can walk you through the steps to planning your funeral, ensuring that you organize the funeral service that is personalized to your and your beliefs. The final needs plan that you and your executor create will clarify your final wishes regarding the disposal of your remains, the flower arrangements you prefer at your funeral, the music you want to be played, and even the words to be said as a eulogy. Your plan will be all-inclusive, so that your family is never left wondering what you would have wanted.

After you death, your final needs plan can continue to help your family by lessening the administrative burdens that come along with a death. A professional will be assigned your unique case, filling out the appropriate forms for the correct institutions and governments. Your family will only have to provide the necessary death certificates, as the document professional will fill out any forms required for pension and insurance benefits.

Pre-planning your funeral with an experienced firm like The Elephas Group is a proactive way of reducing the cost of your funeral. When the average cost of a funeral doubles every ten to twelve years, it’s imperative to start saving early. A budget that sets aside manageable, monthly payments to your plan can accumulate to cover the future costs of your funeral. When your contributions go towards a reliable final needs plan, you can be assured your funds are secure and tax-free. This will save your family from unexpected and insurmountable bills.

A funeral is meant to be a healing event that enables your family and friends to celebrate your life. It shouldn’t have to be overburdened by the added stress of funeral costs and planning. With a final needs plan, you can protect your family from such things.

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