Health Perks Every Employee Should Look For

If you’re in a position to think about negotiating for perks when you get a job, it’s likely that future plans, monetarily and skill-wise, will be at the top of your concerns.

However, you shouldn’t ignore the way that the right employer can make it significantly easier for you to live a healthier life. Here are some of the perks of the job that definitely need more attention.

The company gym

It’s one of the rarer perks available, but there are those that have their own exercise equipment fit for employee use. The company gym can reduce the amount of time spent travelling from work to gym or vice versa, at the same time cutting that cost completely from your life.

When companies don’t offer their own gyms, some are willing to incentivise gym membership and health classes by offering them to free for employees. Others will even contribute to a health-based monetary bonus for those who attend the gym regularly.

There is such a thing as a free lunch

A lot more companies are willing to offer a free lunch than their own gym. For good reason, too. It brings workers together to socialise in their lunch period, it can make them more productive by needing less time for travel during lunch breaks.

Most importantly, it can the business’s way of providing healthier food for employees are your way to ensure that you’re getting more healthy food in your diet. You can do away with the temptation to buy something easy and unhealthy.

Occupational health

Plenty of businesses are also getting a lot more involved in employee health because they realise it plays a huge role in productivity. Many will offer health assessments to both your capabilities and your vulnerabilities. This can help make changes from the ergonomic to even the kind of work they ask you to do. Many will offer ongoing programmes like Health Assured’s employee councelling solutions to help employees deal better with all manner of personal crises.

This helps employees and employers share issues a lot more easily and better find ways to navigate them that ensures a smoother passage from both perspectives. Employers who offer occupational health perks tend to be a lot more understanding about employee wellbeing issues.

Flexi time

Offering employees the choice of when they can take their days off and a general greater control of their work schedule might not sound like a huge health boost. But the fact is that restrictive holiday and sick pay assignments get in the way of work-life balance. They can also be very inflexible when you need time off to deal with a personal crisis.

These are two standard problems in jobs that turn that position into a source of real stress. Flexibility at work, no matter what form it takes, is tremendous at helping you avoid those unhealthy levels of stress.

Your work life will take up a lot of your whole life, so be aware that it can easily put constraints on how well you manage your health. By considering the perks above, you can make it a lot easier to take care of your wellbeing while you pursue your career.

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