Health Tips for Watching World Cup on TV

We are in the middle of World Cup 2010 now and this time it is in South Africa and as usual, the effects or ‘World Cup fever’ is spreading over the nations. It is the time for football fans to give support to their team or enjoying the game by watching directly at the stadium or watching TV.

Believe it or not, some health problem arise during the four-weeks World Cup and it’s not for the football player but the football fans who are watching the match from TV. While players are showing their quality fitness and health on the pitch, the football fans are likely to go for other end at the same time. The health problems including high blood pressure, heart attack or lack of sleep might come in your way while watching the matches so let’s see some health tips on watching World Cup on TV.

1. Get enough sleep

As the time of matches might be different from your place, you might have to watch early in the morning in order to watch the live broadcast of the match. Some people might try to hold their strength staying up late or taking coffee to give them strength to stay up but this will only result in lack of sleep – which could bring to other health problems. The best way is to get enough sleep. Get an early sleep and set your alarm about 15-30 minutes before the match starts. By this way you can balance your time and get enough sleep.

2. Take appropriate meal

I admit that it is enjoyable to take our meal while watching TV but an important thing to keep in mind is to take appropriate meal. Too much high-calorie food, salty food and junk food will not only results in diabetes but also high-blood pressure. You might feel nothing as you’re enjoying both meals and the matches as you might giving harm to yourself slowly from inside.

3. Watch your distance

I believe most of us understand the effect of TV on our eyes so it is a wise step to watch your distance with the TV. Don’t stay too near to the TV. You will stay 90+ minutes on the TV so keep sitting too close to the TV will causes in eye strain and fatigue which leads to blurry vision. Make sure you set proper lighting in your room or watching area and in getting a good distance, use your sense and move away from your TV if your eyes start to hurt. Watch from a distance where you can comfortably read the text on the screen without have to squint.

4. Stay relax and calm

Yes, football match is full of dramatic moments so beware! Pushing yourself too hard when watching World Cup on TV could result in high-blood pressure and even heart attack. Besides that, it also brings anxiety and leads to other problems including encouraging you to smoke and overeating. So stay relax and calm and don’t push yourself too hard. I believe the football players need to stay focus and calm while playing and so do you.

Wrap Up

Watching football is an enjoying moment especially when the team which you support scores goal. There is no harm in enjoying World Cup but always stay alert and practice a healthy way of watching TV or you might have to face the consequences.

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