How Can Defective Circle Lenses Damage Your Eyes Permanently

A lot of people are walking with heavy spectacles resting on their noses. Some resort to contact lenses so that they can enjoy the imperial view properly and easily.

Doctors suggest using contact lenses can be damaging in the long run, whereas there is another school of thought that believes contacts are better than spectacles, as they cover the whole retina and help greatly enhance the viewing experience.

For those who might not know – contact lenses can be defined as,

“A piece of plastic especially designed to cover the retina and used to improve vision. Circle lenses are shaped like a half-circle. “

Lenses are widely used, mostly by women, for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Some use a lens to change their eye color and appear more appealing.

A lot of attention must be paid when selecting a lens.

First of all, you should be clear why you want to wear a lens. No matter what the reason is, it is always better to consult your doctor before buying one. Not all lenses might suit you. It is also recommended to visit the doctor and get the lens approved.

Lenses that do not suit your eyes can cause soreness and redness to the eyes. They make you rub your eyes due to the burning sensation. It is strongly advised NEVER to rub your eyes when you are wearing lenses. There is always the danger of lens breaking inside your eye.

A broken lens can do severe damage to the eye.

It is strongly advised to remove your lens properly after the purpose has been achieved. For example, after coming back from the party, the first thing you should do is take your lens off, even before splashing water over your face. Keep your lens in the solution specifically provided with, or get the most suitable solution from the market, as per your doctor or optician’s recommendation. Subdued quality lenses or lens solution can adversely affect your eyes. Good quality lenses such as, air optix aqua contact lenses should be used. They are tested and meet high international standards. The lenses will give you a comfortable time as they are known for their great quality.

Not just this, circle lenses have other effects too. If worn for a very long period of time they can cause damage to the eye. Circle lenses are often also very difficult to fit properly. Doctors say if they misfit, they can scratch the cornea, which can cause vision issues.

Always be sure of the quality and the brand you are wearing. Since this matter relates to health, never go after cheap lenses. Even though non-FDA-approved lenses are banned in US; they are still easily available on the internet for a lower price. Many people are seen buying these dangerous products online that are illegal to sell anywhere in the US. Wearers do not understand the dangers associated with using defective or poor quality lens. They run a great risk of hampering their vision.

Another point that should be remembered is that most of the lenses do not have a very long life. Doctors recommend that lenses should be discarded after every 3-4 months and new ones should be bought. They are very easily attacked by bacteria and different organisms that can enter your eye if they are not washed properly by the solution provided.

Most of the good quality lenses come with the expiry date printed on the case or the box. The solution also has an expiry date and one should see the date properly before buying or using lenses. There are also lenses that have a smaller life, but larger benefits. Lenses such as air optix aqua contact lenses offer customers the luxury to wear them continuously for six nights. These lenses are specifically designed for such purposes. They keep the eyes comfortable by allowing more oxygen to pass. The result is calmer and fresher eyes.

These are all the points that one should keep in mind when buying or using lenses. Never use defective or expired lenses. Go for trusted and valued brands and keep your eyes safe.


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