How to Choose the Right Fitness Trainer?

When you take a decision to invest in a fitness trainer, you are actually taking a decision that could change your life. It could however, be a challenging task to identify the right fitness trainer.

However, if you are sure about taking the plunge, go ahead. Remember that there are some exceptional fitness trainers out there.

You just need to locate them. The best place to look for a personal trainer is the local gyms. Most reputed gyms hire an army of fitness instructors, who are qualified and willing to help. Here are some tips for choosing the best fitness trainer.

First of All Check out the References

It is just not enough to be satisfied with online reviews or those posted in the gym. You must get in touch with the trainer’s previous or current clients. Ask him for references. Make sure that the testimonial is real. Stay away from trainers, who fabricate testimonials. Talk to his clients over the phone and find out about his temperament and whether he is dependable and good at his work. After all, your trainer will decide your lifestyle, diet, exercise regimen and lots more. Hence, it is important to select someone who is transparent and trustworthy.

Examine If the Certifications Are Authentic

The most important thing is to determine if the trainer is actually qualified enough for the job. You need to choose trainers who have certifications from renowned institutes. Look for reliable personal trainers who have degrees in the fields of fitness or exercise. Some of the well-known and recognized associations include NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), ACE (The American Council on Exercise) and AFAA (The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).

The fitness instructor should not only possess an accredited certification, but he must also, have knowledge regarding first aid and CPR.

Match Your Specific Requirements

You must choose a fitness trainer who would be catering to your unique personal requirements and learning preferences. Take help of gym consulting services and make sure that your trainer matches your motivation style and personality. You would need to spend a considerable time interacting with him. So you must feel comfortable in his presence and communicate freely with him.

Ask him directly about motivation techniques and coaching style. See if he has the patience and tenacity. Choose someone who believes in encouragement and positive reinforcement if that is your style. Opt for someone aggressive if you believe that would work for you.

Look for Evidence

A trainer’s expertise and competence could be understood by seeing the results he has been able to achieve with his clients. You could ask him for client referrals and success stories. Whether you would be training for adding muscle, losing fat or getting ready for an athletic meet, you need to be convinced of his efficiency and competence in that area.

Usually personal trainers are not graded on their personalities and people skills. However, weight and lifestyle consultants and group fitness instructors are graded on those issues. Find the best fitness trainer by making sure that he has the experience and the right knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals and aspirations.

While choosing the best fitness trainer for yourself, remember to choose someone, who is constantly upgrading himself. You must realize that exercise is actually a science that evolves pretty rapidly. So, a trainer needs to stay abreast with the latest in the industry and keep his certification current.

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