How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast?

The Herpes Simplex virus responsible for cold sores is incurable in nature but in most cases this type of sores are healed automatically in few weeks. But when you are affected by it the constant itching sensation will continue to pain you throughout the day.

For faster recovery from cold sores there are some effective over the counter medications, prescribed drugs and some natural alternative treatments. While almost all of these medications and treatments are proved to be effective remedies for cold sores, each person responds differently to different variety of treatment. Here we provide a few effective remedies to find fast relief from the disorder.

Apply Docosanol Cream

Docosanol is a medicated cream that you can apply on the sore affected area to get fast relief.

  • Rub the cream on the sore spot. Apply it at least 5 times per day until the sore vanishes or pain subsides.
  • This cream which is made up of behenyl alcohol is an US FDA approved medication for cold sores.
  • It provides faster relief to the sore but works better if you apply it in the initial stage when the sore shows up.

Use A Styptic Pencil

A styptic pencil can be used to surprisingly fast healing of cold sores. With a styptic pencil draw on the sore area few times a day.

  • Using styptic pencils you actually let blood vessels contact more frequently and thus accelerate healing.
  • Initially it hurts when you apply it on the sore area but over time the pain and irritation fades away.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has great anti viral and anti septic properties that can provide fast relief from such contagious sores.

  • Apply the oil at least 2 times daily using a cotton ball.
  • Tea tree oil also helps to reduce the pain and to check the sore from spreading.
  • It has great anti viral and antibiotic properties to perform healing in quick time.
  • For sensitive skin types it is advisable to dilute the oil in equal amount of water before applying it on the sore area.
  • Tea tree oil is a traditional medication for all types of skin disorder and skin sores.

Apply Witch Hazel Extract

Witch hazel extract is another great natural remedy to heal your cold sore quickly. It is traditionally used to check any sore from spreading or going deeper.

  • Apply the extract once or twice per day. Apply it on the sore spot using a cotton ball.
  • Witch hazel has natural astringent properties to heal and dry out any sore. It perform faster drying of the sore and thus heals it quicker.

For some people the extract can cause skin irritation. So, before applying on the sore spot test it by applying a drop on your elbow.

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