How to Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Stick

Millions of people make resolutions every year during New Years, and many of those people make resolutions to lose weight.

Overeating and weight gain are common during the holidays, and you might find that you can no longer fit into your favorite jeans or that you lack the energy that you once had.

If you have a hard time making your resolutions stick, this year is the year that things change. Find out what you can do when making your goals and how you can stick to those goals.

Choose Smaller Goals

One mistake that many people make is how they make their resolutions. Instead of promising themselves that they’ll lose weight, they promise to lose a large amount of weight. As much as you might like to drop 60 pounds or more, you need to be a little more reasonable. Vow that you’ll get back into your skinny jeans or that you’ll lose 10 pounds. Setting a smaller goal helps you feel more confident that you can reach that goal. If you meet the resolution that you set, you can also set a second goal for yourself later in the year.

Get Some Support

Trying to lose weight on your own is hard. You might feel tempted to give up long before reaching your goal. Working with another person lets you feel accountable to someone else. Choose a close friend or a family member who also wants to lose weight. You can workout together and try out healthy recipes together. Your fitness pal can also introduce you to new websites and diet plans that might help you lose more weight and keep you on your path to losing the weight that you need to lose.

Celebrate Your Successes

When you make a weight loss plan and a resolution, make sure that you celebrate your successes. If you lose 10 pounds, reward yourself with a trip to a local spa. If you lose 20 pounds, treat yourself to a brand new outfit. Celebrating your successes helps you stick with your goals and lose more weight. You can treat yourself to something as small as a bubble bath or a trip to your favorite store. Learn more about diet plans and exercise programs that can help you get rid of those extra pounds and stick to your goals at My Diet Shopz and similar sites.

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