How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss happens to a big proportion of the population—that’s why hair transplant has become such a popular surgery.

While most men are at ease with balding, especially when they get older, for younger people hair loss might seem like an awful disease and can sap self-confidence. Unless your hair loss is genetic (which cannot be prevented), there are things you can do to slow down or prevent the hair loss from happening to you. Here are some ways to help prevent hair loss.

Diet-related prevention

There can be diet-related causes to hair loss. Hair health is part of your overall health too, and I’m sure you’ve heard things like anorexia and some iron-deficient diets can contribute to hair loss.

Keeping your hair healthy means keeping your body healthy, so a good, balanced diet is always desirable. If you’re a woman, think about taking iron supplements too. Protein is an essential building block of hair and consuming more of it will contribute to hair growth.

You can find plenty of information about diets and foods that help hair grow. Hair growth stimulation can be part of a hair loss-fighting strategy—if it grows healthy and strong, it is less likely to fall.

So in short: eat a good balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals, and don’t skimp on the iron and the protein. Yes, that means you can eat steak, although not every day.

Hairstyle-related prevention

Hairstyling-related hair loss happens mostly in women who dye their hair frequently or who keep their hair in tight buns or braids. These hairstyles put a lot of pressure on the hair follicles and can weaken and even destroy them, especially when worn regularly or for long periods of time. So do these braids if you must, but not too often and not too tight.

Although no hair product has been shown to cause hair loss, damaging products like hair dyes can cause hair thinning and hair loss in frequent users. If you must dye your hair, opt for a natural product like henna, and give up on radically changing your hair color (i.e. from brunette to blonde). Bleaching ingredients like peroxide and ammonia are especially damaging and should be avoided as much as possible.

Hair care-related prevention

When caring for your hair, treat it gently. There’s no need to wash your hair like if it was in a washing machine. You should also avoid heavily scratching your scalp—a soft massage will do the job just as well.

Extreme heat can damage hair as well so use hair dryers and flat and curling irons as little as possible. Once in a while is fine, but do it every day and you might find your hair damaged, flat and more likely to fall off.

We hope that this has given you some tips as to how to prevent hair loss. They’re all common sense habits that will help you keep healthy and strong hair; if you keep at them, you will never need hair restoration!

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