How To Use Yoga Potentially For Weight Loss

Yoga is a mental practice that helps to transform the body or the mind of a person. It is the best way to put you in touch with your body. Research has shown that yoga prevents weight gain, hence it is the best method for weight loss.

Apart from losing weight, yoga can provide improved blood pressure and lowers stress level, thus giving you a good mood.

Below are some of the ways on how you can do yoga for weight loss.

#1 Yoga crescent pose

This is the main move and aims to make hips and thighs firm. Stand with your feet held together while toes are forward and arms at sides take a deep breath and raise arms with finger tips toward the ceiling. Exhale bending forward from hips while bringing hands to the floor.

#2 Yoga willow pose

It is also a main move and aims to firm the abs. Stand with your feet together and place arms at side, step the inside of your right thigh with your left sole and your knee should be bent to side, put palms in front of your chest and take two breaths. On inhaling the third time raise arms towards the ceiling, switch sides and repeat three times.

#3 Yoga chair pose

This aims to tone your thighs and burn the thighs in your tummy. Put your feet together inhale while raising your arms, bend your knees a little and remain in that position for at least one minute.

#4 Yoga boat pose

Boat pose aims to burn the tummy fat and also increase your stamina. Sit down and stretch out your legs with knees pulled up, thighs tight and toes pointed out. Inhale while raising your feet. The spine should be straight making a v shape with your body.

#5 Yoga locust pose

It aims to reduce fats near the hip. Lie down with palms facing the ground, inhale while lifting up your legs and don’t bend your knees balancing yourself with the tummy.

Ways yoga can promote weight loss

Activates the thyroid gland which secrets a hormone that speed up the body’s metabolism. A high metabolism burns a lot of fat. It creates the right PH balance because a body with low PH will protect itself from the acid by storing a lot of fat which accumulates along the veins and arteries hindering blood from moving smoothly thus overworking the heart as it strains to maintain circulation of the blood.

As a result the heart may become exhausted causing a heart attack. Cleaning the colon because most of the food matter is blocked in the colon bloating them hence appearing as obesity. Stimulates the functions of the liver.

Yoga should be highly recommended to people trying to lose weight as it is healthy, leaves you fresher and also more energetic as opposed to a workout which leaves you all sweaty and worn out. When trying to lose weight using yoga get an Ehic card it will help you to provide medical attention. Yoga itself is healthy to human body.

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