Look Out: Germiest Places in Your Home!

Although we might think that only extremely dirty places must be infected with germs and bacteria, it is not completely true. Think about all the places that might come in contact with bacteria over the course of the day, and we just tend to forget to clean it properly because we believe that rinsing it with clean water is enough, but it is not.

The Kitchen

There are many places in the kitchen that will need your more detailed attention, one of which being the sink. Pieces of food left behind in the sink or in the pipes are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, and unless you disinfect it properly it can become a serious health hazard. Cleaning your sink only with clean water does nothing really; you have to use some kind of detergent to get rid of bacteria.

It is recommended that you clean the sink with a bleach solution daily, and that you clean the plug as well. Moreover, it is important that you let that solution run down the drain to clean the pipes.

The Bathroom

The first thought that pops into mind is that the toilet is the only place in the bathroom where bacteria can freely breed and cause havoc. However, your toothbrush has more chance of having more bacteria on it than an average toilet. Furthermore, toothbrushes are excellent for bacteria to breed. The best way to protect yourself from bacteria in the bathroom is to place toothbrushes in places where it can air out and dry quickly between uses.

Moreover, it is important to clean up everything in the bathroom, and sometimes you will need a bit more heavy duty type of cleaning, which is why it is a good idea to use stronger cleaning agents or steam mops. Be careful not to use too many chemicals, as they are not healthy either.

The Kid’s Room

Everything in a kid’s room might be crawling with bacteria, even if you clean everything regularly because kids tend to touch everything while they explore and play, effectively bringing in more germs than you can get rid of.

Carpets, toys and even the walls are teeming with germs; however by a quick clean up you can get rid of most of them. For heavy duty cleaning it is best to use domestic steam cleaners as steam cleaners are less harmful than using chemicals. It is extremely important that you use eco-friendly cleaning agents in your child’s room because they will touch everything and probably even ingest some of the poisonous chemicals in the cleaners.

The Bedroom

Even in the bathroom you are not protected from bacteria, and they found a place where they can be really close to you. Although you might keep your bedroom clean and immaculate, we bring in more germs just by sleeping in our beds. The bed sheets soak up a lot of sweat and drool during the night; not to mention the filth from our bodies. And unless the bed sheets are cleaned properly every other week, bacteria will be able to flourish and to spread. You should change sheets more frequently if you have a house pet though. Do not forget to regularly clean your carpets as well, they will collect dirt and if not cared for properly, many types of bacteria will find a new home.

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