Maintaining Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ for human where it is consists of layered and complex structure. As skin is one of the largest part our our body, we have to consider maintaining healthy skin in our daily life and activities for a better quality of life. There are a lot of ways on maintaining health skin including using medical treatment and medicines but the best way is to maintain a healthy skin naturally thorough practicing a healthy lifestyle and adequate precaution for our skin.

One of the effective habit for maintaining healthy skin is by consuming adequate water per day. Water has been considered as the most efficient natural element for maintaining healthy skin because of its structure and nutrients. Water has the capability to prevent dehydration which can bring various diseases to the skin structure. As skin needs water to function in its optimum level, a daily intake of between 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is highly recommended. 8 glasses of water per day helps to let your skin and cells to function properly so it is an important step to prevent dehydration by consuming enough water per day.

Getting enough sleep helps to refresh your skin where sufficient sleep allows your cells to renew and repair themselves which is one of the important process for your body. A quality sleep about 7-8 hours helps your skin to refresh themselves thus assisting you in maintaining healthy skin. One more important thing to be kept in mind is to remove all make up before going to bed at night. Clean your skin before you sleep no matter how tired or sleepy you are. Skin goes through a process of elimination at night and cannot breathe properly if it is clogged with elements in make up. When cleaning, clean the area on the neck and your face.

Remember to feed and nourish your skin by eating the proper foods such as low fat yogurt, vegetables, cereals and other meals that have nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and E. Aside from considering a healthy diet, do exercise to help maintaining your skin in a healthy condition. Proper exercise helps your skin to flow the oxygen and improves its structure. Exercise also gives benefits to the whole body and the food that you consumed.

Have a healthy lifestyle so it is easier for you to maintain healthy skin. Avoid you skin from too much exposure to the sun as over exposure to sunlight causes sunburn and giving potential from some diseases. Eliminate smoking habit as smoking has a lot of negative health effects on the body, including heart disease and lung cancer. The nicotine in cigarette can cause skin discoloration and acne. You might know before this that smoking habit causes some people to look older than the are and this is related to the skin matters.

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