Mentally & Emotionally Preparing for IVF Procedures

It is just as important to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally along with physically for IVF procedures. Infertility often brings feelings of frustration and depression.

These feelings are difficult to deal with, and the stress of those feelings can lead to unsuccessful implantation procedures.

For many couples, in vitro fertilization procedures are the last chance they have at conceiving a child, and their emotions are already stretched to their limits.

Hormonal Influxes

Hormone supplement treatment is part of the process and these hormones do lead to changes and influxes. The feelings and emotions felt by a woman during these influxes often makes her feel less like herself, and these changes are unpredictable. These changes are similar to the first trimester of pregnancy and those of menopause.

During these phases it is important to support each other and be understanding. Tempers are likely to flare here and there, but it is important to keep a calm mind and use relaxation techniques to settle these emotions.

Handling Financial Stress

The financial stress associated with infertility and infertility treatments do take a mental and emotional toll on a couple.  It is a good idea to meet with a financial advisor or planner to help create a budget so that your family still has all of the basic necessities and a bit of funds on the side for entertainment. Having a budget does help ease the stress and can keep your mind intact.

Plan Date Nights

Date nights are important to plan during infertility treatments. It is time for you, as a couple, to just be together and forget about life’s stresses for a while. These date nights also help bring couples closer together during the stressful periods of infertility treatment.

Even when budgets are an issue, a date night simply walking through a park at sunset and watching movies is enough. It’s the time when social media is forgotten about and cell phones don’t exist. Concentrate on each other and leave the discussions about life’s stresses for another day.

Listen to Each Other

You may wonder why it’s important to listen to each other. The tone of someone’s voice can be a clue that they’re having a difficult time. The words chosen also leave clues of a troubled mind behind. Pick up on these clues and talk about what’s causing mental or emotional distress.  Work on solutions together, rather than holding your emotions inside.  Comfort each other and have a support group of close friends and family members to help keep your minds working in forward motions.

Your body needs your emotions and mental health to be in order for a better chance of the IVF procedure taking and the conception of a child occurring. This is an exciting time in your relationship as much as it is physically, mentally, emotionally and financially taxing. Although it is a rollercoaster ride, the entire process is completed with one goal in mind – the most beautiful gift in life, a child of your own to nurture for the rest of your life.

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