Monetize Your Health Blog With Easy Azon

Blog monetizing becomes one of the objectives of today’s webmasters and bloggers including health blog. This is because blog monetizing can support the development of particular blog as well as the webmaster of the blog himself and this matter also applies to health blogs.

One of the great ways to monetize your health blog is by promoting products available on Amazon throughout your site. This is because you can find a lot of health and medical products on Amazon that can be promoted and offered to your readers – and this is possible with the affiliate program provided by Amazon named Amazon Associates.

I joined the program a few months ago and the results were great! However there is one thing that becomes my consideration which involves creating affiliate link which is time consuming. You need this affiliate link in order to promote the products from Amazon within your site. In order to get this affiliate link, you have to:

  1. Login into your Amazon Associates account.
  2. Find the health product(s) that you want to promote.
  3. Select affiliate method that you want to use (text links, image, etc)
  4. Copy the affiliate code.
  5. Paste the affiliate code into your post.

This is quite a long process and time consuming, right?

But now we got a great solution for this matter – Easy Azon!

Easy Azon is a WordPress plugin that helps you to promote the products from Amazon faster and easier. You don’t even have to leave your WordPress Dashboard to do this!

With Easy Azon, the only things that you have to do are:

  1. Write a new post/Edit existing post
  2. Select the health product that you want to promote. You can see how by looking at the sample from my blog:

Faster, easier and more convenient! Besides that, you can cloak the URL so you can get more effective URL for the products that you are promoting.

There is variety of health products and guides on Amazon that you can offer to your readers based on the health topic that you write and I guarantee this plugin will helps you a lot!

Get Easy Azon and start monetizing your health blog now!

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