Ouch! The After Tummy Tuck Experience

Tummy tucks, like any other surgery, do require a period of recuperation. Some effects are very short lived, while others take longer to go away.

Here are some of things you should expect to encounter after surgery:

Immediately after cosmetic surgery many report nausea, vomiting and grogginess as a direct result of the surgical anesthetic, this will pass within a few hours, and is best treated with rest.

You are likely to experience tenderness and discomfort in your whole abdominal region, and especially at the site of your incision. This can be treated with prescription or over the counter pain medication, and should lessen within a few days.

You are also going to notice a significant amount of swelling and bruising which occurs as the result of reconstruction. The bruising should disappear after about three weeks, but the swelling can last significantly longer. Most doctors will require you to wear a pressure garment for a specified amount of time to promote healing and decrease inflammation, for some patients this is a relatively short process, for others it can take up to six months.

Bleeding at the site of surgical incision is not uncommon, and in some cases may require a drainage tube to be inserted, which will be removed at your physician’s discretion (usually just a few days after surgery). This bleeding or drainage can be managed by applying clean gauzing regularly to absorb the secretions, and protect both the surgical site and your clothing. While healing times are different for everyone, sutures are usually removed about 10 days after surgery.

Many patients report experiencing numbness in the abdominal region which fades over time. While in most cases this numbness decreases or disappears after a few months, some people report a permanent loss of sensation across the abdomen.

Monitor your emotional state after surgery. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, you doctor should be contacted immediately to discuss treatment options.

Recovery processes after your tummy tuck

The recovery process in an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck needs its own pace and time. There is no fast process when it comes to healing.But understanding what goes on during this process is as important as the procedure itself. So take a look at few points that will be familiar to those who already have experienced it.

  • Slight bruising and discomfort are normal
  • Full recovery takes 3-6 months
  • During recovery lifting heavy objects must be avoided
  • Avoid smoking and drinking during this period

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