Headache: How To Get Rid of It

Most people has experienced the headache which in fact there is no one in this earth who did not suffer from any type of headache in his or her lifetime. The common types of headache are tension headache, migraines, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. You might experience tension headaches if you work too much, miss […] Read more

Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is really important and you can feel it when you wake up from enough sleep. Sleep was often ignored by doctors and practitioners in the past but now we are beginning to understand the importance of sleep to the health and human life matters. In fact, when people get less than 6 […] Read more

Health Benefits of Mango

Mangoes are one of the popular fruits in the universe. But do you know that mangoes also have health benefits? Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and a great source to replenish that lost potassium. An average sized mango can contain up to 40% of your daily fiber need. If you […] Read more

Ovarian Cyst: Know & Treat

All normal females are born with two ovaries, each located at both sides of the uterus. During childbearing years, an egg that is produced in the ovary will be released every month and in case the egg is fertilized, the result that most likely to come is the pregnancy. An egg grows inside the ovary […] Read more