Palomar Products Buying Guide

Specialized in IPL machines, Palomar. products are varied and versatile. But do you know which one of them will fit your clinic’s and your patients’ needs? Here’s  simple, no-nonsense buying guide to make your choice easier.


IPL-based hair removal has gained in popularity lately, and Palomar is at the forefront of the IPL market. The following Palomar products specialize in IPL hair removal.


The IPL StarLux system is a compact base to which you can attach a variety of handpieces for each type of aesthetic treatment. The StarLux is fast and causes less pain than other IPL machines, enabling you to treat more clients in the same amount of time. With different handpieces, you can remove light hair or treat dark skin, work on the coarser hair around the genital areas and even treat wrinkles and other skin problems. For a low-cost investment and a flexible basic machine, the StarLux is the perfect buy.


The Icon provides some of the most popular treatments on the market: hair removal, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction and scar treatment, among others. The advanced cooling system keeps skin safe and reduces pain and discomfort for patients. Fractional resurfacing, a Palomar exclusivity, is the fastest skin treatment laser available on the market. A reinvented interface, the ability to calibrate the laser to your needs, and energy recycling are all great features of the most recent model of the Icon.



A new advancement in liposuction procedures, Palomar’s SlimLipo is minimally invasive, effective and provides long-lasting results. With SlimLipo, your patients recover faster and keep the fat off for longer. While it doesn’t replace traditional liposuction, a SlimLipo treatment can greatly enhance. It’s also faster than other lipolysis devices on the market.

Skin treatments

Along with the aforementioned Icon and StarLux products, Palomar also has specialized skin treatment products.


The Artisan is a versatile skin treatment machine that can treat a variety of issues such as vascular and pigmented lesions, scars, sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, rosacea and other dermatological problems. The combination treatment approach increases the area coverage and decreases discomfort and healing complications. The Artisan is a great all-in-one machine for facial rejuvenation treatments.


The specialized acne treatment machine Acleara is a great investment to increase your market. Laser acne treatments are gaining popularity as traditional creams and medication have a lot of undesirable side-effects. After one treatment with Acleara, your patients will see notable and durable results. The gentle treatment lets your patients come back regularly as treatments only take 15 minutes and require no downtime. The portable machine can be easily transported between treatment rooms or clinics.

No matter your patients’ needs or demands, Palomar has a machine that will suit their needs. Palomar laser machines are customizable, provide a varied set of treatments and are a great investment for any reputable aesthetic clinic. The exclusive Palomar IPL systems provide an alternative to traditional laser machines, enabling a greater variety of treatments for all skin types.


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