Play Wii to Improve Your Health

Unlike other game consoles where gamers sit on the couch while playing the game, Wii has digital sensors which allow the gamers to play the game virtually.

The player may have to stand in front of the TV and wave the controller based on the game for example bowling or tennis game. This feature involves the physical movement where makes the experience of the game becomes real and enjoyable.

A research confirms that playing Wii is better than watching TV where performed activities using Wii such as doing physical movements while playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Just Dance Kids for kids, playing Wii Sports boxing and bowling involves more exercise compared to just watching TV which not involve major physical movements.

Some studies also agree that:

  • People burned about three times more calories (3 calories/ minute) while playing Wii compared to watching TV (1 calorie/ minute).
  • Kids burned 2 – 2½ times more energy playing Wii bowling and dancing for Dance Dance Revolution than just sitting around watching TV.
  • People found it much more enjoyable playing games than walking on treadmill.
  • Wii games are perfect during winter and rainy seasons when outdoor activities are completely restricted.

Besides that, medical researchers also optimizing features from Wii to treat children who suffer from hemiplegic cerebral palsy, a condition that can partially paralyze one side of the body. Active video games can improve the motor function of a patient and this is the essence of the treatment using Wii.

Believe it or not, another healthy benefit of playing Wii is it helps people to lose weight. Based on a report by a well-established medicine journal, playing Wii can help people to fight obesity. By doing a lot of physical movements, people can burn three times as many calories compared to playing hand-held video games. There are even cases where people lost 9 pounds after 6 weeks where they play Wii games 30 minutes per day!

Consider playing Wii to improve your health!

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